Practices for Well-Being and Resilience: An Experiential Introduction


A growing body of evidence supports the potential for mindfulness and related practices to foster resilience.  Mindfulness training helps us respond to difficult situations without reacting in automatic and nonadaptive ways; when we see our thoughts and feelings clearly and can offer compassion for the hardship we are experiencing, we can better cope with difficult thoughts and emotions without becoming overwhelmed or shutting down.


Join Cynthia Knapp Dlugosz for this interactive session that will give you the opportunity to experience (and ask questions about) some of the most commonly cited practices known to enhance well-being and resilience.  Attendees also will receive instruction in a number of practical takeaway resources, enabling them to create a personal “resilience toolkit” to use in their busy practices and lives. Cynthia has more than 20 years of experience in mindfulness-based practices and has studied with some of the most prominent teachers in these fields.


Pharmacists’ well-being is a stated priority for APhA.  Among the consensus recommendations of Enhancing Well-Being and Resilience Among the Pharmacist Workforce: A National Consensus Conference was a call for training, tools, and resources that teach strategies and skills related to personal well-being and professional resilience. 


Speaker:      Cynthia Knapp Dlugosz, BSPharm, NBC-HWC

                        Founder, Pharmacist Work/Lives Matter

                        Owner, Being in Balance Coaching

Session Time Slot(s): 
Sunday, March 22
7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Gaylord National Resort - Potomac 4