Townhall: How a 340B-Covered Entity Serves the Underserved


For more than 25 years, the 340B Drug Pricing Program has enabled covered entities to stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible to reach more eligible patients and provide more comprehensive services. It requires manufacturers to sell drugs at a discount to 340B-eligible hospitals and allows those hospitals to retain any revenue associated with those discounted sales in order to provide drugs and services to underserved and needy populations, including the uninsured, homeless, and incarcerated. Come to this town hall session led by field experts to learn about the 340B Drug Pricing Program and how these resources are used to better serve patients with the greatest need.

Pharmacist Learning Objectives

At the completion of this knowledge-based activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of the 340B Drug Pricing Program in ensuring access to drugs and health care services.
  2. Discuss opportunities for pharmacists who work in a 340B-covered entity.
  3. Identify services provided by 340B-covered entities to underserved and needy populations.
  4. Discuss methods for providing high-cost medications to at-risk patients.
Joann Stubbings, BSPharm, MHCA
Associate Director, Specialty Pharmacy Services
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy
Steven Fijalka, Pharm.D.
Director of Pharmacy
Harborview Medical Center
Learning Level: Level 2
Track: Specialty Pharmacy, Advanced New Practitioner
Session Time Slot(s): 
Sunday, March 24
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Washington State Convention Center - Room 606-607
ACPE Pharmacist: 0202-0000-19-073-L04-P
CEUs Pharmacist: .1
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