Digital Technologies: The Solutions to Poor Medication Adherence?


Poor medication adherence is a national problem leading to tens of thousands of preventable deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars of unnecessary costs. Smartphones and the Internet of Things can help by changing the ways patients take medicine, the ways clinicians and caregivers monitor health, and the ways government regulates. This session will review diverse digital medication adherence technologies and examine their regulatory implications.

Pharmacist Learning Objectives

At the completion of this knowledge-based activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe how poor medication adherence impacts drug costs in the United States.
  2. List available digital technology solutions in pharmacy.
  3. Outline how digital technology can improve medication adherence.
  4. Define regulatory considerations related to digital technology in health care.
Jeffrey Mesaros, PharmD, JD
Sr. Legal Counsel
CVS Health
Learning Level: Level 2
Track: Pharmacy Law and Regulations, Advanced New Practitioner
Session Time Slot(s): 
Monday, March 25
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Washington State Convention Center - Room 613-614
ACPE Pharmacist: 0202-0000-19-095-L03-P
CEUs Pharmacist: .1
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