APhA Pain Institute: Addiction Dos and Don'ts in Community Settings (pre-registration required)


Helping patients with addiction is no easy task. Compared with those who have other health conditions, people with addiction are less likely to even recognize their illness or understand the risks of going untreated. But even brief interventions from health care providers have proven effective for encouraging these patients to seek treatment.

How do you start the difficult conversations? What should you say—or avoid saying? This session covers all the dos and don’ts for providing addiction prevention and recovery assistance in the community pharmacy setting. You’ll also explore effective nonpharmacological strategies for assisting patients with addiction.

Pre-registration is required; registration is open at http://elearning.pharmacist.com/products/5335/apha2019-pain-institute-innovative-approaches-to-chronic-pain .

Pharmacist Learning Objectives

At the completion of this application-based activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify contributing factors to difficult conversations and detect barriers to care.
  2. Discuss cultural factors and health disparities related to addiction, particularly in vulnerable populations.
  3. Characterize ways to help patients recognize influences of “drug culture” and myths surrounding substance use disorder as well as ways to assist them in responding to stigma and cultivating a culture of recovery.
  4. Demonstrate motivational interviewing techniques to help navigate difficult conversations with patients, health care providers, and the public.
Anita Jacobson, PharmD
Clinical Associate Professor
University of Rhode Island
Learning Level: Level 2
Track: APhA Pain Institute
Session Time Slot(s): 
Thursday, March 21
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Washington State Convention Center - Room 608-609
ACPE Pharmacist: 0202-0000-19-003-L01-P
CEUs Pharmacist: 0.125
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