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Contact Us

Education/Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE)

  • General Education QuestionsSue Weedon at 202-429-7592
  • Certificate Training Programs (CTPs): Bronhed Shaw at 202-223-7188
  • Ambulatory Care Review Course: Steve Scarlata at 202-429-4125
  • Speakers and Call for Abstracts/Posters: Patricia Szybist at 202-429-7578

Registration and General Meeting Questions
Nicole Whatley at 202-448-8727

Student Activities and National Patient Counseling Competition (NPCC) 
Lynette Hamilton Plowden at 202-429-7514

Exposition, Support Opportunities, Career Connection, Federal Pharmacy Forum, and Presentation Theaters
John Russell at 202-429-7570

Meeting Schedule and "In Conjunction With" Activities
Todd McDonald at 202-429-7547

Hank Blaney at 917-691-1829  
Ron Gordon at 973-214-4374
Ariel Medina at 212-633-3689 (Recruitment Advertising)