Call for APhA Academy Programming

Call for APhA Academy Programming

The deadline for submitting an application was Friday, September 6, 2019.

APhA is offering a new opportunity for APhA Academy Members to contribute to APhA2020's dynamic education program. Help us deliver the most current, innovative, and inspiring programming by submitting your proposal.


Session proposals may be submitted on the selected topic of Mental Health. The Education Committee within each Academy will review proposals and select one session to be presented as part of the APhA2020 education program. Notifications will be sent via email in October.

All proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • Author name(s) and contact information (2 speaker maximum)
  • Title
  • Description: Include up to three paragraphs that describe the proposed session and the importance of this presentation
  • Presentation Outline: Provide an outline of the material that will be covered
  • Learning Objectives: Include 3-5 learning objectives that provide clear, measurable, statements of the anticipated results to be achieved through this presentation


Contact Patricia Szybist at 202-429-7578 for more information.