PharmTANK Competition

PharmTANK Competition

APhA is currently accepting submissions for PharmTANK at APhA2019. PharmTANK is APhA’s new showcase developed for independent pharmacists. Do you have a business model that breaks the mold? An approach or practice that stands out in the field? You could be the winner at the APhA2019 PharmTANK.

Share revolutionary ideas before a wide-ranging audience of your peers from every practice area in pharmacy. Think Shark Tank, but with a pharmacy spin! APhA’s PharmTANK offers a unique opportunity to recognize independent pharmacists who are solving some of the toughest challenges in pharmacy care.

Here’s how it works: You’ll have 10 minutes to present your innovation to a panel of four judges—all top nationally recognized entrepreneurs and business professionals from the world of pharmacy. Then, for five minutes, the judges will ask you questions and ultimately choose the best ideas from all presentations.

Complete your submission by Friday, November 30, at 11:59 PM PST.


Entries must include the following sections:

  • Title: Title of your presentation.
  • Background: Relevant background information that demonstrates the need for your innovation. Focus on needs that are specific to your practice site and/or patient population rather than broadly describing national issues.
  • Business Plan: Development and implementation of your innovation, including details such as practice setting(s), patient population(s), and daily operations.
  • Program Assessment/Outcomes/Improvement: Assessment and quality improvement process, including goals of your innovation and/or outcomes achieved.
  • Financial Viability: Business model for how the service is funded and/or expenses are justified (specific dollar amounts are not required).
  • Future Directions: Future goals of your innovation.

Only one submission per candidate is allowed. Submissions that best fit the vision of PharmTANK will be accepted for presentation. This is a voluntary presentation and participants are responsible for their own expenses; no honorarium is provided. 

Submission status and instructions for preparing your presentation will be sent in January 2019 to the email address provided in the submission. 


If potential submitters are concerned about the intellectual property (IP) rights pertaining to products or services in their presentation, we recommend that they not submit ideas for PharmTANK. There are no IP protections provided to PharmTANK submitters. Neither APhA, the judges, nor the audience will be signing Non-Disclosure Agreements.

No funding is available for ideas presented. APhA is not able to connect submitters to potential funders, venture capitalists, etc.

Contact Patricia Szybist at 202-429-7578 for more information.