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Visit Phoenix

Phoenix skyline painting

From adventurers to art lovers and history buffs to health and wellness seekers, Phoenix has something for everyone. Nestled in the mountains of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix combines iconic landscapes with a unique southwestern culture that welcomes you. Here are a few spots to check out:

ART: Roosevelt Row is downtown Phoenix’s walkable arts district, home to art galleries, restaurants, bars and boutique shops in a landscape dotted by colorful street art.

NATURE: The Desert Botanical Garden offers the world's finest collection of arid plants from deserts of the world in a unique outdoor setting.

HISTORY: The USS Arizona Memorial Gardens is a 5-acre development that features a piece of the USS Arizona's boathouse, recovered after the cruiser sank during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Feast your way to better health at Farm and Craft with their “Wellness-Menu” that features a rainbow of locally harvested foods high in anti-oxidants and probiotics.

A short drive away you'll find the spa capital of the US, Scottsdale Arizona. From The Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain to The Phoenician and many more, a wide-array of desert-inspired spa treatments await!

Explore all Phoenix has to offer!

Visit Phoenix