All Things Insulin: Dosing, Monitoring, Titrating, and Transitioning


New insulin products—including insulin glargine U-300, regular insulin U-500, and insulin degludec U-100 and U-200—expand therapeutic options for patients with diabetes, yet more choices also complicate treatment decisions. Learn from experts about the safe and effective use of various insulin therapies—from dosing and monitoring to titrating and transitioning. You will also explore real patient cases to discover proven strategies to minimize hypoglycemia and overcome patient resistance to taking insulin.

Pharmacist Learning Objectives

At the completion of this application-based activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Compare the characteristics of the various insulin agents available in the market.
  2. Explain the potential roles of recently approved insulins in the management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  3. Describe strategies to minimize insulin-induced hypoglycemia, including patient education tools.
  4. Demonstrate skills that are effective for educating patients who are resistant to taking insulin.
  5. Explain how to safely switch insulin products according to patient needs.
Stuart Haines, PHARMD
Professor and Director, Pharmacy Professional Development
University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy
Jennifer Trujillo,
University of Colorado Denver
Learning Level: Level 2
Track: Clinical Patient Care and Services
Session Time Slot(s): 
Monday, March 19
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Music City Center - Room 104A-B
ACPE Pharmacist: 0202-0000-18-052-L05-P
CEUs Pharmacist: 0.2
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