PharmTalk Call for Submissions

PharmTalk Call for Submissions

The deadline for submissions has been extended to Monday, July 31.

Showcase your pharmacy practice innovations at APhA2018! APhA is currently accepting submissions for the APhA2018 PharmTalk Series. PharmTalks, APhA’s dynamic education platform, showcase the latest innovative ideas created and developed by pharmacists for pharmacists—nowhere else will your discoveries reach pharmacists and technicians from every area of pharmacy. These TED-style talks feature a 10-minute presentation of an innovation followed by a 5-minute Q&A to make the session as interactive as possible.


Submit your best practice ideas on the following topics*:

  • Transitions of Care: Transition of care practices that enhance medication management, coordination of care, and/or patient safety in a variety of patient care settings.
  • Diabetes: Activities that enhance patient care for patients with diabetes, such as medication management strategies, patient education and counseling techniques, or diabetes practice pearls.
  • Immunizations: Strategies for optimizing immunization rates, support uptake of various vaccines, and enhance collaborations with other members of the health care team, or immunization pearls.
  • Preceptors: Strategies for enhancing pharmacy education during experiential rotations, including IPPEs, APPEs, and residencies.
  • Payment for Patient Care Services: Strategies for demonstrating the pharmacist’s value proposition, contracting for the delivery of patient care services with various third party entities, and/or patient care services that capitalize on selected billing codes (e.g., incident-to, chronic care management, facility fee, transitional care management, annual wellness visits).
  • Technology: Pharmacists’ use of electronic health records and/or health information exchanges and other technologies that improve patient care delivery.
  • Telepharmacy: Evolving strategies for the remote delivery of patient care services.
  • Pharmacy Technicians: Strategies that leverage the skills and abilities of pharmacy technicians to advance patient care.
  • Pain and Palliative Care: Activities that support safe and effective pain management while preventing the misuse and abuse of opioid medications.
  • Interprofessional Practice: Strategies for enhancing pharmacists’ roles in interprofessional practice, including innovative approaches to collaborating with other members of the health care team.
  • Personalized Medicine: Pharmacy services that utilize pharmacogenomics to implement individualized treatments.
  • Miscellaneous Pharmacy Services: What have we missed? Share an innovative pharmacy activity or service that you have implemented.

*Session categories may be modified based on submissions received.


Submissions must include the following sections:

  • Title: Title of your presentation.
  • Background: Describe relevant background information that demonstrates the need for your innovation. Focus on needs that are specific to your practice site and/or patient population rather than broadly describing national issues.
  • Description: Describe the development and implementation of your innovation, including details such as practice setting(s), patient population(s), and daily operations.
  • Program Assessment/Outcomes/Improvement: Describe the process for assessment and quality improvement, including goals of your innovation and/or outcomes achieved.
  • Financial Viability: Describe the business model for how the service is funded and/or expenses are justified (specific dollar amounts are not required).
  • Future Directions: Describe future goals of your innovation.

Only one submission per candidate is allowed. Submissions that best fit the vision for each session will be accepted for presentation. This is a voluntary presentation and participants are responsible for their own expenses; no honorarium is provided.

Submission status and instructions for preparing your presentation are sent in November to the email address provided on the submission.


Contact Judy Lofton for more information.